The Moon and Cannavaria

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The Moon and Cannavaria.
On the third day, after accepting the two previous days’ gifts, firstly to have her fortune told by the pig with the golden eye, and secondly to the wear a necklace made from the toenails of the last Sphinx (which shine like rainbows), Cannavaria called for Prince Josek again.
“Now I would like the moon to come down and dance with me.”
The Prince stamped his foot.
“Are you not satisfied with these wondrous gifts I bring you? Look here, this necklace, does it not shine like rainbows? Was the pig not forthcoming when it said you would find eternal love? Oh when will this madness end? I have torn myself apart for you, and I do not think I should survive one last journey.”
“But it’s only to the moon, my love.” Cannavaria said, her voice like church bells tolling at Christmas.
So Josek the Prince took up took up the sword his father had pulled from beneath the harpy hoard, he saddled Angethany the snow horse and waited till night-fall.
“Moon-man! Ho there, Moon-man! Listen, I want to talk to you!”
The moon could be seen to blink; it saw Josek, it saw his harpy sword and his horse.
“I heard you mortal,” the moon whispered. “What do you want?”
“My beloved Cannavaria wants to dance with you, and she will not wed me until she has her wish. Please sir will you come down?”
The moon hummed a tune aching and beautiful and bitter-sweet.
“Yes, but we must exchange places, I cannot leave the night unattended you see.”
Thus a bargain was struck. Prince Josek and the moon changed places, and the moon forged for himself a suit out of his finest moonlight, with starlight for his eyes, stardust for skin.Upon seeing his reflection, he smiled and he laughed and he whispered to the heavens,”at last!”

Now alas! When Cannavaria saw the Moon dancing up her steps, she fell violently in love with him, as was to be expected considering his radiant appearance and dazzling celestial attire, and thus Prince Josek was condemned to the heavens forever. You can see him to this day, crouched inside the moon, a dark splodge on its otherwise glinting facade.Indeed, once a month, when the Moon and Cannavaria return to dance on the palace steps, Josek the Prince turns his back bitterly on the world and disappears into darkness.

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